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I had a wonderful experience at CAMEO Surgery. My previously held belief was that going for oral surgery was only for masochists. This is no longer, after I had the pleasure of being treated at Cameo Surgery for a complicated extraction replaced with an immediate implant. Despite my fears being evidenced by a blood pressure of 195/95, I was quickly put at ease both by the surroundings of his beautiful office, with a wet bar and waterfall, as well as the confidence exuded by Dr. Blyer. Dr. Blyer was not only competent but incredibly talented, and the worse never came to pass as the extraction and implant was quickly completed with no lasting pain or bad side effects. If I ever need any other additional work, Dr. Blyer is my man. He has forever changed my feelings toward oral surgery and doctors in general.

Mike S, St. James, NY

Brilliant, talented, compassionate, and gifted are among the many accalades I can use to describe you, Dr. Blyer. From the moment I walked into your office, the care I received from you and your staff was something I have never seen in a doctor’s office before. I went to 3 doctors before you for consultations for my problem, and your warm ways and knowledge base outshined all of them. You have changed my life and anyone reading this should consider themselves lucky to have found you. You are a gem! Thank you.

Vivian L, Manhasset, NY