“I want implants but my bone is too thin”

This is something we hear on almost a daily basis. Building the appropriate bone with to fit an implant is very routine in our office. The most reliable method we have found for a situation illustrtated below is using a “split ridge technique”. We have found the most success creating our boney cuts using our Piezo surgical unit. It cuts with minimal collateral damage to bone and none to soft tissue. I share with you the case below…

After wearing a bridge for a long time the bone where the missing teeth are, the bone goes away

bone is split on the crest of ridge to split the bone like a pita bread sandwich

synthetic bone material is placed in the split and cow bone is placed in the extraction site

the graft is covered with a dissolvable collagen membrane covering

the site is closed with sutures and allowed to heal

The patient then leaves with a removable appliance (flipper) to give the appearance of teeth being there.  In 3-4 months this area is ready to place a few wide diameter dental implants.  The restoring dentist, Dr. Irina Volk of 3V Dental Associates made the flipper and will be placing the final crowns on this patient’s implants.  To check out Dr. Volk’s website, click here

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