Getting ready for your procedure:

  1. Eating

    If you plan on going to sleep (sedation) for your procedure do not eat or drink for six hour before your procedure. It is advisable to take your normal medications with a sip of water. This does not apply to insulin. If you are a diabetic, please call the office before adjusting your normal routine.

  2. Transportation

    If you plan on going to sleep for your procedure, please have a responsible adult with you to drive you home.

  3. Clothing

    Wear loose, comfortable clothing with sleeves that are easy to roll up.

How to get your home “recovery ready”

  • The procedure itself should not hurt and you will be numb immediately after the procedure from the local anesthesia. When you get home and the numbness wears off, you will be sore. Having over the counter pain medications on hand is a good idea. If you haven’t yet filled the pain prescription, it is a good idea to take the over the counter pain medication before the numbness wears off. Whatever you normally take for a headache is fine.
  • Prepare ice packs or frozen peas before your surgery, to be able to easily grab them when you get home.
  • Have an extra pillow in bed to prop yourself up at a 30 degree angle.
  • Have some soft foods ready to go in the refrigerator. Jell-O, pudding, cottage cheese, yogurt already prepared is easy to grab and filling.
  • Have a towel in bed with you to wipe away food on your face or to wrap the ice.
  • Don’t save all of your homework or errands for your recovery period. It is best to take it easy and concentrate on getting better. Get some movies or start your DVR a few days before surgery.
  • Have your cell phone near your bed in case you want something and don’t want to get out of bed. This way you can text or call your mom/dad, or your honey.