Why call ourselves New Generation Oral surgery?

Because it is a new generation. Technology in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery has changed dramatically over the past decade and continues to evolve at a fervent pace. The oral surgery experience we provide is unlike any other. Our facility doesn’t look like a dental office, it doesn’t smell like a dental office, and it doesn’t sound like a dental office. It is an impressive spa-like, Manhattan style facility with amenities all for your comfort.


Our techniques are the most advanced. We spare no expense when it comes to patient safety, technology to improve patient outcomes, and continuing education. Our patient care is second to none. It’s normal to walk in to our office a little nervous, we are confident you will leave feeling wonderful – like you have made a bunch of great new friends. It’s not your grandparents’ oral surgery experience- it is a new generation. You will get that feeling from Dr. Blyer right when you meet him, not the typical ‘stuffy’ doctor.


One of the specialties Dr. Blyer is known for and has been spotlighted as an expert nationwide are difficult implant cases. When you have been told implants are not an option for lack of sufficient bone, Dr. Blyer will find a way. A creative mind coupled with expert training in his medical, dental, and cosmetic surgical background, he will make your desires a realty. We grow bone, we replace teeth, we create smiles, we create a ‘new generation’.